MOTIONDEEP is a collection of experimental works created by JMAN.
All trademarked and registered logos etc, are owned by their respective owners.
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🛈 All time sega classic Sonic. The HD Remix.
🛈 The amazing Killer Instinct title sequence (SNES, 1995). The HD Remix.
🛈 Megaman 2 (NES) 1988. The Remix.
🛈 One of my all time favs. Mystic Quest (1992) SNES, The Remix.
🛈 Bomberman (1993) SNES, The Remix.
🛈 Reality is not what it seems.
🛈 Donkey Kong Country(1994) SNES, The Remix.
🛈 The VEE-DUB Experiment.
🛈 Turtles in Time (1992) SNES remix.
🛈 The concept of space and time.
🛈 Experimention of light and mood.
🛈 A tribute to possibly the best RPG of all time, Chrono Trigger (1995, SNES).
🛈 Experimental design concept for the 2cpx drone.
🛈 Another world. Playing around with some lights and textures.
🛈 Remix of the amazing Super Castlevania 4 (1991). Extended title sequence in high-res version.
🛈 Dedicated to the best Zelda game of all time, released back in 1991.
🛈 My remix of Star-Fox for the SNES. Released back in 1993.
🛈 Another remix of an all time classic. Golden Axe (1989).
🛈 Simple experimental project I decided to undertake during quarantine
🛈 Ambient reflections of the past. Dedicated to one of my all time fav games (ResidentEvil).
🛈 Title SEQ for UXMADE.
🛈 Character and animation test. Background (Puzzle-Fighter).
🛈 Animation I did for brand Rebel
🛈 Skytrak teaser I'm working on
🛈 Keepin it typographic
🛈 They float.
🛈 Inspired by the (COVID-19) plandemic